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What is HALVEC?
Halvec Laboratories Sdn. Bhd. (Halvec) operates as an ISO17025 accredited service laboratory in Malaysia. Halvec laboratory offers testing and verification services covering the scope of Halal Testing, Toyyiban Testing and Ethical Testing.
We are

HALVEC Tested & Certified

We take great pride in assuring our customers that myNutchos is a product of utmost quality and adheres to the highest standards of dietary and cultural preferences. 

Our commitment to providing a Muslim-friendly product is underscored by the fact that we have been rigorously tested and certified by HALVEC Laboratories. This certification confirms that myNutchos is not only porcine-free but also meets the stringent criteria for being a product that is entirely compatible with Islamic dietary requirements. We are dedicated to delivering a delicious and safe snacking experience that caters to diverse dietary needs and preferences.