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Small Batch Handcrafted

A taste that lingers for all time.

Under-cooked nuts are healthy but boring, over-cooked nuts smells good but bitter and burnt. What else?

Pick myNutchos! Our roasted Spiced Mixed Nuts are so darn crispy and roasted perfectly.


    Generally I am not a peanut person however, this product is really a star!! The spices taste so good and the quality is so fresh and tasty. It is addictive as you will be keep eating it non stop... 😁
    Keep it up Mynutchos team!!
    Rachael Ang
    Made by Malaysian, for Malaysians well known spicy taste bud. Neat, clean, well thought out packaging. You know they have put heart and soul into making of this awesome product!!!
    Adrian Kok
    Really tasty and delicious! The ingredients are fresh and extra crunchy. Will definitely be buying more in the future and will recommend it to friends. It’s a great snack and pairs well with drinks too.
    Geraldine Lim Qian Yu
    I love it so much
    It is crunchy and will continuously eat
    Non stop
    Alan Lim
    这 mynutchos 我吃了之后对它会念念不忘,它的味道配上腰豆,江鱼仔真是绝配,让我吃了停不了口,我连它里面的干辣椒及咖喱叶都不放过,真的太好吃了,我送我的朋友,我朋友问我哪里买,之后她再自己订购,她说她姐姐可以情不自禁的把一罐吃完。
    Jezzs Tan
    Taste really good!!!! While we are watching movies, we always think about myNutchos and will have it beside us to enjoy. Really recommend to everyone and will definitely buy more in the future!
    Christy Lai 
    A well blended Malaysian spices nuts that is soooo good that you can’t stop munching on them! Really fresh, crispy and delicious! They are the best snacks I ever had. Will definitely come back for more.
    Cicilia Chua
    Can't stop eating it after the first try !! It tastes so delicious 😍😍
    Yeap Joven
    A homemade snack MUST have during buddies times, movies times, gathering times and even lonely times. Can't resist once you have tried 👍👍
    Fenny Lai
    Super yummy delicious 🤤
    Once you started it , you can’t stop eating at all 😍😍
    Lee Wen Xin
    The spicy taste blend with the nuts and anchovies make it so nice. This is my additional side dish for rice and even porridge. It is also go well with salad.
    Author's name
    Really good ! Flavourful snack to pair with wine.. it was so addictive! It's also a good choice of gift for friends as it comes with nice packaging. Love it ❤
    Author's name

We’re nuts about the nuts we made :

Comes with superlative Malaysian spicy anchovies and texture, taste and fitness combined in a nutshell. With the crunchy sensation, delectable toasted flavors, nutty aroma and superlative taste, definitely satisfy your hunger pangs all the time.